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Website Design

New website design is meant for businesses who previously have had no web presence or their current site is so out of date that the design process needs to begin from scratch. All new website projects include the following:

  • Personalized Design Consultation

    If you live in Tucson, we will sit down in person with you and develop an overall design structure for your website. At this time, we will determine from your input what capabilities and features you would like and what type of style you want to present.

  • Logo Design and Branding

    Have a logo? Great. Need a logo? Even better! EWD can help you brand your business with a customized logo that your potential customers will be able to uniquely identify.

  • Search Engine Optomization

    In order to begin drawing web traffic to your site, it needs to optimized so that when people search for keywords and phrases which relate to your business, the search engines will steer those people towards your site.

  • Installation

    We will get you out on the web. This usually entails finding and securing the domain name of your choice, setting up a hosting provider (if you elect to host with someone other than us) and uploading your site files to that provider. Finally, if you wish to manage the site yourself, instead of using our management services, we will show you all you need to know to do it yourself.

  • Domain Name Registration

    This is the name that users will use to access your website. Such as

  • Maintinence for Life

    All websites we develop for clients have a maintinence for life garantee. This entails that all website capabilities ordered will function properly for the life of the website. This does not include feature alterations or additions, which can be done according to our pricing list.

Website Re-Design

We do support website redesign efforts, however, due to the varying qualities of existing websites we only know the necessary costs after evaluating the situation. If you are interested in a website re-design, please contact us and we will review your options.

Website Hosting & Management

Once you have a website, you must have someone host it. This usually amounts to $3 to $10 dollars a month depending on the size of your project. If you don't want to worry about the hosting details let us do it for you.

If you choose to host with us, we will make sure you stay up and running so your customers will be able to find you when they come looking.

  • Home Page Design

    The home page is the first page your visitors will see, it needs to be interesting so they will want to explore more of your content.

  • Database Access

    Used to collect and manage data from the visitors on your site. This will also contain certain content used to build your website allowing you the ability to change it whenever you want from any web browser.

  • Flash Animation

    This will give your website a dynamic and impressive feel. This may consist of moving or changing text, or photo slideshow.

  • Video

    Use video on your site to sell or explain your products.

  • Audio

    Use audio to share music or explain content of you business.

  • Blog

    Blogging is an easy way for you to discuss your own thoughts regarding you latest business news, products or research. This feature also allows for visitor comments and feedback giving your site an interactive environment.

  • Html Email

    Get people to return to your website again and again by sending professional html email informing them of new products or services you are offering.

  • Site Membership

    Whether you are trying to protect your website content or specifically target certain people, site membership allows your customers to set up accounts to access content specifically geared toward them.